Mobile Banking

SMS/Text Banking

Great for users with text plans.

SMS/Text Banking

With Text/SMS Banking, you don't have to own a smart phone. If you can send a text message or SMS you can request information about your balances and recent transactions. We will send you a text message right back with your most up-to-date account details. It's as easy as sending a text.

Text your request and receive details on your account almost instantly.

  • Check your available balance
  • See your last 4 transactions
  • Transfer money

For example, you can text BAL and we will send you a text within seconds with your most current available balance. For complete details, view our Text Banking Guide.

Important Information: Text Banking is free from CNB Texas but fees may apply from your mobile service provider.

Because text messages are limited to 160 characters, the response from this command may be delivered in multiple text messages depending upon the number of accounts and the balances you have.

Steps to Enroll:

To add Mobile Banking and SMS/Text Banking to your existing online banking account, get started below!

  • Login to your Internet Banking account and click the Other Services tab near the top of the screen. Then click Mobile Banking.
  • Read the Mobile Addendum to the Internet Banking Agreement. This contains the terms and conditions of use. Click "I Accept" to continue.
  • Click on the Enroll link and enter the requested details, including a Mobile Login ID that you select, Mobile PIN that you select, and your Mobile Number.
  • Click Submit.
  • After you enroll, you will receive 2 text messages- the first requesting you to reply YES to finish your enrollment. The second will provide you with the URL for the Mobile Site.
  • Once you reply with YES, you will receive 2 more text messages — one confirming your enrollment and then another providing you with the 6 digit SMS/text number for SMS/text banking.

(Tip: Bookmark our mobile site in your favorites and add the text number to your phone's contact list so you can quickly access mobile banking without having to re-type it each time.)

SMS/Text Banking Guide:


Receive the balance on every account you have on your Online Banking profile.

You can also text BAL, and you will receive the available balance for a specific account. An account identifier is what is in the account description field on the dashboard of your Online Banking profile. (e.g. BAL Primary) It is best if you nickname your accounts to have a unique identifier. If you don't, the system will default to a generic name such as "checking" and "savings".

If you have 3 checking accounts and don't nickname them you will receive the balance of the first one in your account listing if you text Bal Checking.


This returns the last 4 transactions on an account including memo transactions if there are any. Texting just TRAN will return the last 4 for the first account in your list. This text is best done as TRAN. (e.g. TRAN Primary)


Request account details on an account such as the account nickname, balance, type, etc. This requires a nickname for your account(s) so you can specify which account you want to see. (ie. Details Primary Checking)


This transfers whatever you request as long as funds are available, between the account you have on Mobile Banking. XFER FROM TO. (e.g. XFER 10 FROM Primary TO Christmas)


This is the help menu. It is best done by sending it with another option. (e.g. HELP BAL, HELP XFER, etc)


This opts you out of Mobile Banking