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Fraud Prevention

Protect Your Good Name

Most people put off doing anything about the perils of identity theft because they believe having credit cards stolen, Internet hacking or stealing confidential information only occurs to the other guy. However, if it does happen, you will blame yourself for not establishing even the simplest of safeguards. Just a few easy preventive steps can help alleviate months, even years, of hassle trying to reestablish your true identity, credit ratings and possible financial losses.

Tips To Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

  • Check the activity of your banking accounts and credit cards regularly through online validation services offered by your financial institution or credit card issuers.
  • Never give out your Social Security or other sensitive financial information if you do not know the person or company requesting that personal data. CNB of Texas will never contact a customer by email or text to obtain sensitive financial information.
  • Keep all documents with personal information locked away in a secure location.
  • Shred all documents that contain your personal information.
  • Carry only those credit cards that you need in your wallet.
  • Collect mail promptly.
  • Receive your monthly statements by email.
  • Reconcile monthly bank, credit card or bill statements regularly to verify activity.
  • Use direct deposit for your payroll checks.
  • Take advantage of your "one free credit report" annually.
  • For accounts that need passwords, keep those codes hidden and create passwords that are unique.
  • Sign up for debit card alerts.

Fraud Prevention Services

In order to provide our debit card customers an extra level of fraud protection, CNB of Texas has partnered with Fraud Prevention Services. In cases where transactions appear fraudulent or out of the ordinary, you may be contacted by Fraud Prevention Services on behalf of CNB. You will be asked to verify transaction(s) on your debit card. NEVER supply your card number, PIN, or entire SSN. If during the conversation you feel uncomfortable, please hang up and call our Customer Contact Center immediately at 972-938-4300 or 1-877-938-4300. They can quickly verify that the call was legitimate.

In the future, if you are planning a trip please contact our Customer Contact Center. A note will be placed on your account, such that your card will not be blocked if out of the ordinary transactions appear and we are unable to contact you by phone.

Report Fraud

Contact CNB of Texas at 972-938-4300 or 1-877-938-4300 as soon as you suspect fraud on your account; receive an email asking you for personal or financial information, or if you have lost or stolen debit card or checks. The CNB Customer Contact Center is ready to assist you 7 days a week.