Overdraft Protection OPT-IN

Overdraft Explanation

At Citizens National Bank of Texas, we realize that our customers' lives are busy and that sometimes overdrafts happen. For years we have strived to pay our customers' overdrafts so as not to embarrass our customers with returned checks and the returned check fees many merchants charge. In addition, we have strived to authorize debit card and ATM transactions even when there were insufficient funds in our customers' accounts so as not to embarrass our customers at checkout lines while allowing them to purchase the products or services they were attempting to buy.

Beginning on August 15, 2010, new Federal regulations have mandated that we need to receive your approval for us to continue to pay any ATM or everyday debit card transactions that would overdraw your account. Our standard overdraft fees would continue to be applied for each overdrawn item. In other words, you must give us permission to cover these types of transactions – even if we have done so in the past for you. If you don’t give us that consent by "opting-in", we will be forced to decline your card when you do not have enough money in your account.

There is no fee for opting-in to the protection this service offers. You’ll only incur the fees if we actually cover the overdraft for you.

We encourage you to consider your lifestyle, spending habits and record-keeping processes and how frequently you use your ATM and debit cards before you make this important decision.

What does this news mean to you?


If you opt-in, you are telling us that:

  • You DO want us to try to cover your ATM and everyday debit card transactions regardless of the funds that exist in your account.
  • You are willing to incur the fees that we"ve outlined for this service. You’ll only incur the fees if we actually cover the overdraft for you. There’s no fee to opt-in to the protection.
  • If we cover your overdraft, you will be saved the frustration and embarrassment of having your card declined.

Not Opting-In

If you decide NOT to opt-in, you are telling us that:

  • You do NOT want us to cover your everyday debit card and ATM transactions when there are insufficient funds in your account.
  • We will not charge you any overdraft fees for your everyday debit card or ATM transactions, but your transaction will be declined if insufficient funds exist.